Thermal stabilization system



Thermal stabilization system.


Ventilation and air conditioning:

- Air processing occurs in the supply and exhaust setup K/B. 

- During the cold period air is taken from the experimental hall of the 4th floor and mixed with the outside air in the mixing chamber K3.

- Outside air portion is at least 30%

- Then the air is heated in a water heat exchanger K6 and humidified in the section of the vapor humidifier K10.

- In the warm season the air is cooled in freon cooler K7 after mixing in K3.

- As the refrigeration system the compressor blocks mounted on the roof of the building are used.

- During the transitional period, in the absence of water heating, air heating is performed in the electric heater K5.

- Air exchange in the experimental hall is performed using "top-up" scheme.

- Automation system provides: quantitative regulation of heating and cooling supply of calorifiers using the intake air temperature, frost protection of heaters, smooth regulation of the electric heater, dampers control, blocking of electric drives of air supply and recirculation valves, as well as the electric motors of the setup.

- Automation system is based on the BMR 410-C controller.



Scheme of combined extract and input ventilation unit (A/B) for the ensuring of clean zone and thermal stabilization of the experimental hall of muon hodoscopes.


Features of the system.

To reduce the sound pressure level from the operating ventilators K8 and K13:

- setup, silencers and boxes are mounted on rubber pads;

- ventilators are mounted on shock absorbers:

- supply and exhaust are equipped with silencers;

- air velocity in the louvre grills is less than 3 m/s.

In order to save energy in the setup the recirculation scheme is used. All air pipes of the system are made in the insulation with thickness of 10 mm.

This system uses a dual air purification:

- coarse mesh filter EU3 (K4) – retains particles greater than 10 microns;

- fine mesh filter EU7(K9) – retains particles greater than 1 micron.

System provides an overpressure in the "clean zone".