(Note: information from the website of Research and Development Center ScanEx.)

Alice-SC™ - universal hardware and software complex for receiving and processing of meteorological information transmitted from polar-orbiting satellites in the frequency range 1670 - 1710 Hz in real time mode.



Antenna system and receiving unit of the Alice-SC complex.


Station Alice-SC™ provides reception and processing of information from the following satellites:


• MetOp

• FengYun




Station Alice-SC enables daily monitoring of the territory within a radius of about 2.5 thousand km, receiving images with 5 operating meteorological satellites, ensuring repeatability of shooting of the same territory (for each satellite) up to 4 times per day.



Schematic diagram of the remote sensing.


Main fields of application:

• Hydrometeorology and weather forecasting

• Agriculture

• Monitoring of forest fires

• Flood control

• Dynamics of snow cover

• Observation of ice conditions

• Education and the environment

Complex components:

• Antenna system

• Receiver unit with universal demodulator

• Computer interface

• Connecting cables

• Software



Receiving station Alice-SC operates on the basis of a standard PC with the operation system MS Windows XP. Station control, including configuration for reception of information on any radio channel within the limits listed below, is performed exclusively by the software.


Main specifications of Alice-SC